Green House

This website was designed to get you interested and involved in natural building and sustainable living, it was designed to inspire you to join the movement.

It is a test building designed to raise interest in this kind of architecture and is located in Banat, Romania, on the left bank of the Nera River right across Sasca Romana.

Project diary

  1. It started with a 1/10 model and test bricks.
  2. This is a test building it is more like a 1/1 model, that I needed to prove myself and everyone else that this is a sustainable way of building, it is round and has 4 m in diameter.
  3. 60 cm wooden stakes mark the building foundation. The topsoil was saved for the living roof.
  4. The soil from the foundation was saved for making the cob just needed more sand and straw.
  5. In my hands I have a sample of the 10 cm diameter perforated drainage pipe that was laid in the bottom of the rock foundation for good drainage.
  6. A continuous 20 cm high concrete bond beam reinforced with steel is pored over the rock foundation for extra strength and stability, it is the only compromise I  had to do.
  7. Radu is building the stemwall.
  8. The stemwall is 60 cm high and 60 cm wide. Let the cobbling begin.
  9. The first 60 cm are the most difficult, after that it is just routine and creativity.
  10. Recycled glass bottles offer excellent thermalmass to the walls and they save on the cob.
  11. They were saved from a pile of garbage.
  12. The building is starting to blend in, notice the resemblance with the neighbor’s hay stack.
  13. The big opening window is south oriented and is recycled too, I got it from my friends who replaced the windows of their house with modern vinyl ones. The smaller nonopening window is facing the sun rise at the winter solstice.
  14. The door and the window above it are facing the sun rise at the summer solstice.
  15. Notice the central beam sticking out the building, I plan to put a swing on it and dream about my future projects.
  16. The space is too small? Build a sleeping platform under the roof!
  17. The roof is starting to take shape.
  18. A curved tree trunk was split in two to create this beautiful entrance awning.
  19. Niches and unusually shaped branches are used as decorative elements. Just wait until they will be finished!
  20. The wood framing for the roof is finished. And the summer too!
  21. The “HAT” is starting to take shape.
  22. Notice the gap above the wall? It is easier to fill it with cob from above!
  23. Waterproof membrane
  24. Ready for the rain.
  25. … and for the living roof.
  26. Tools of the trade made from leftover tree branches.
  27. The drainage trench
  28. The crushed rock is set right face up.
  29. The living roof, I am hopping that the alpine drought resistant vegetation will do very well on it.
  30. Recycled car windows are used for all nonopening windows.
  31. Testing finishes
  32. At a glance, you can observe the reclaimed boards in the shutters.
  33. Bye, bye see you in the spring, I have no doubt you will do just fine over the winter!


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