Who are we

Ileana Mavrodin

Ileana & friends

  1. I am an architect/graphic designer born in Romania who spent the last 12 years living and working in Canada. Canada is a beautiful and kind country, but life in airconditioning is not for me.

My dream now is to introduce Cob in Romania.

While working on the project I meet a lot of interesting people and I had lots of support from my friends, it was a truly unique experience, lawers, inginears and local people we all got involved and shared the dream. My friend and hostess Rodica, always positive and encouraging

My neighbor the shepherd, always a smile on has face:
“I have to see this one!”
…her husband Nicu (family of lawers in love with Sasca), always supportive, legal matters or not they were there for me.

Bobby, inginer mineralurg, stia exact care este compozitia rocilor din fundatie, este proiectantul si executantul acoperisului. Acoperisul este capodopera lui Bobby

Sergio (Tzulu) founder of Enduromania, always supportive, his passion for the outdoors is well known in Banat (the south-vest of Romania) –  Vizitati websiteul www.enduromania.net